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Boston is home to several wonderfully eclectic and extremely livable neighborhoods. So which one should you call home?

There's no denying Boston is one of the county's most sought-after big cities to call home. The city itself is undeniably unique. It offers residents a stunning, waterfront setting, with history—the nation's history—behind practically every corner.

Boston's greatest attribute is also its most defining feature—its collection of distinctive, highly individualized neighborhoods. This patchwork of communities offers newcomers a variety of living options, from the heart of the city to a more suburban setting.

There are officially 23 neighborhoods in all. The Wharf District, a by-product of Boston's famous Big Dig transportation project, is sometimes considered number 24. 

The most important question, however, is of the city's six most upscale communities—from Brighton to West Roxbury—which Boston neighborhood is right for you?


Who's it right for: Young families, up-and-coming professionals, and anyone who likes their big city with a college-town vibe.

Brighton is a thriving residential neighborhood that proves a huge draw for young professionals and growing families. Boston College sits at the neighborhood's southern edge, adjacent to the outdoor recreational hotspot that is Chestnut Hill Reservoir.  

Back Bay

Who's it right for: Affluent residents that want to be in the midst of a historic and high-energy dining and shopping scene. 

Back Bay is home to upscale shopping along Newbury Street, historic landmarks including the Boston Library and Trinity Church, and stunningly beautiful French-inspired streetscapes. This affluent neighborhood, the whole of which is a protected historic district, also includes the gorgeous Charles River Esplanade.

South End

Who's it right for: The hip and trendy that appreciate culturally rich and diverse neighborhoods.

South End is a lively and energetic community that is also one of the city's most culturally diverse districts. A collection of distinct design styles, the area, unsurprisingly, is a massive draw for artists and art lovers alike. Young professionals love the eclectic food and bar scene, and there's a vibrant LGBTQ+ community here as well.


Who's it right for: If you want to mingle amongst the melting pot of Boston, and indeed, all of New England, Dorchester is the place to do it.

Boston's largest neighborhood is also it's most diverse. Influences from around the globe flavor the community's restaurant scene. The area's abundant green spaces—500 acres, much of it along the Neponset River—keep residents out and about throughout the year. Dorchester is also home to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.

Hyde Park

Who's it right for: People who want to be part of a tight-knit community with a small-town vibe.

Pseudo-suburb Hyde Park is Boston's southernmost neighborhood and provides residents a hybrid urban-suburban lifestyle. There's plenty of foliage and an excellent selection of housing. The area's central business district carries all the charm of a small-town downtown. 

West Roxbury

Who's it right for: Residents seeking a little peace and serenity not too far from the heartbeat of the city.

Boston's "suburban" neighborhood, West Roxbury, has all the trappings of a quiet, bedroom community. Tree-lined streets, classically rendered single-family homes, and bucolic park spaces. Everything you'd want to get away—but not too far away—from Boston. 

Now that you know your ideal Boston neighborhood, it's time to find your ideal Boston residence. Contact the Callon Walker Group today and allow Callon and his team to be your guide to the best of Boston's most sought-after neighborhoods.